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Titre: Closed-form formulas for the electromagnetic parameters of inverted microstrip line
Auteur(s): BEKRI, Yamina
BENAHMED, Nasreddine
ALIANE, Kamila
Mots-clés: Analytical expressions
EM parameters
FEM Results
frequency response
inverted microstrip line (IML)
inverted microstrip branch line coupler
Date de publication: mai-2012
Résumé: This article presents simple analytical expressions for the electromagnetic parameters (characteristic impedance (Zc), effective dielectric constant (εeff), inductance (L) and capacitance (C)) of inverted microstrip line (IML). Under quasi-TEM approximation, the analytical expressions can be deduced from rigorous analyses using finite element method (FEM) analysis and curve-fitting techniques. An analysis can be readily implemented in modern CAE software tools for the design of microwave and wireless components. For a dielectric material of εr=2.22, this study presents rigorous and suitable general expressions for all inverted microstrip lines with a wide range of (w/h1) and (h2/h1) ratios varying respectively between 0.01-9.5 and 0.01-1. An inverted microstrip branch line coupler operating at 3 GHz will be designed to demonstrate the usefulness of these design equations.
ISSN: 2278-067X
Collection(s) :Articles internationaux

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