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Titre: Integrating ICT in the EFL Context: Spotlight on Teacher’s Perceptions and Outlooks
Auteur(s): BENMANSOUR, Souheyla
Mots-clés: Technological novelties, teachers‘ perceptions, the impact of ICT on classroom practices.
Date de publication: 17-jui-2019
Résumé: The main objective of this study is to get experiential data on the current use of ICT by teachers and students at the Algerian higher education context, and therefore, to come up with the most efficient strategies for integrating this technology. The findings reveal that, overall, participants held positive perceptions of implementing ICT in the teaching learning process. Moreover, many participants considered themselves competent in using ICT; however, their aptitudes are not advanced. The study also showed that lack of in-service training about ICT, lack of technical support, lack of ICT competencies and lack of teacher confidence are the major obstacles for implementing ICT. In response to this, some general recommendations and other practical suggestions have been accordingly made to surmount such inadequacies.
Collection(s) :Doctorat en Anglais

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