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Titre: Etude de l’influence du monoxyde d’azote dans un mélange gazeux N2/ O2
Auteur(s): TABET, AOUL Nassim
Mots-clés: Corona discharge -Wire-cylinder reactor - Chemical kinetics- Gases polluted - Nitrogen oxides
Décharge couronne- Réacteur fil- cylindre Cinétique chimique - Gaz pollué - Oxydes d’azote-
Date de publication: 26-jui-2018
Editeur: 20-05-2019
Référence bibliographique: salle des theses
Résumé: This research work is devoted to the simulation of the chemical kinetics of a gas mixture N2/O2 (80% N2 et 20% O2) initially polluted with 200 ppm NO. The use of non-thermal cold plasma reactors generated by crown discharges is currently one of the most suitable techniques for the synthesis of nitrogen oxides. The mathematical model used is based on the classical equations of hydrodynamics of a fluid assuming that only diffusive transport phenomena are predominant. The results obtained show that the behavior of O2 is a major factor in the phenomenon, and that the destruction of nitrogen oxide NO is accompanied by the appearance and disappearance of other species, such as nitrogen dioxide NO2, ozone O3, N2O, etc...
Collection(s) :Master physique

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