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Titre: Etude thermophysique des copolymères réticulés à base de l’Isobornylacrylate : Approche expérimentale et modélisation.
Auteur(s): ZEGGAI, Nouh
Mots-clés: Copolymer, Polyacrylates, Thermomecanical analysis ,Havriliak-Negami, Time temperature superposition
Copolymères, polyacrylates, Analyses thermomecanique ,Havriliak-Negami, équivalence temps-température
Date de publication: 17-déc-2018
Editeur: 08-05-2019
Référence bibliographique: salle des theses
Résumé: The systems which are the subject of the investigation, the chemically crosslinked copolymers of the "isobornyl acrylate-co-isobutyl acrylate" type (IBOA-co-IsoBA), were prepared by photopolymerization / crosslinking under UV-visible radiation of the two monomers. IBOA and IsoBA in the presence of a di-functional crosslinking agent and a photoinitiator. In this work the thermal and mechanical properties were studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). We have found by calorimetric analysis (DSC) that the modification of the concentration of crosslinking agent, the amount of monomers, and the speed of the heating ramp affect, in particular, the glass transition temperature Tg: an increase of these parameters causes an increase in the glass transition temperature of the copolymer. Thermogravimetric analysis by (TGA) shows that the degradation of the copolymer occurs in two stages, and that the increase of the amount of IsoBA decreases the degradation temperature of the copolymer. The study of copolymers of type (IBA-co- IsoBA) by DMA was undertaken according to the frequency and the temperature, in order to evaluate the modulus of elasticity (E ') and of loss (E' ') . A master curve has been obtained using the time-temperature superposition principle. Modeling of the mechanical relaxations was carried out by applying the models of Arrhenius, Cole-Cole, WLF and VFT (Vogel Fulcher Tamman).
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Collection(s) :Doctorat LMD en chimie

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