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Titre: Designing an ESP Blended Course for Manufacturing and Engineering Sciences Master’s Students at Tlemcen University
Auteur(s): MESSAOUDI, Nouria
Mots-clés: English for Specific Purposes, Needs Analysis, Blended Learning, Manufacturing and Engineering students.
Date de publication: 15-avr-2019
Résumé: The objective of the present research work is fourfold : first, to portray the teaching and learning situation of ESP in the Department of Manufacturing and Engineering Sciences at Tlemcen University ; second, to analyze first year Master’s students’ needs ; third, to design an ESP blended course that respond to the learners’ needs ; finally, to gauge the effectiveness of the course to enhance the students’ language skills namely speaking and listening.The results of the NIA and the experiment showed that the students need to promote specific English language skills and enhance their speaking and listening abilities. It was also revealed that blended leaning ensured a trend towards working with a more real language which brought the students’ needs to their ends, and henceforth, helped them develop their content knowledge and promote the four language skills with more emphasis on listening and speaking.
Collection(s) :Doctorat en Anglais

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