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dc.contributor.authorREBHI, Imane-
dc.description.abstractLiterature is regarded as a way of understanding, and is a way of presuming characters that are fairly close to reality. It is particularly important for young adult readers who are on their way of constructing their own personal identities. Consequently, there has been an amount of increasing interest in this type of young adult literature. Though it is quite new, it has become exceptionally worldwide spread as it is demonstrated by the popularity of quite interesting in various literary works. This dissertation is about the novelThe Fault in Our Stars published in January, 2012 by John Green which is classified as young adult book. Equally important, it is about offering a helping hand to its readers through its dark themes as death, grief, and loss in order to influence their attitudes, values, and behaviors, and often they are more likely to respond to situations emotionally, and they are less likely to consider consequenses through rational forethought. In other words, it aimes to explore the extent to which young adult books may be an effective therapyen_US
dc.titleThe Fault in Our Stars (2012)en_US
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