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Titre: The Effect of Attitudes towards Language Use and Stereotypical Concepts among F/EFL Learners in Tlemcen University
Auteur(s): KHETIR, Naima
Mots-clés: language attitudes, language stereotypes, language selection, code switching, language learning, ESP, willingness to communicate in foreign languages.
Date de publication: 16-sep-2018
Résumé: This study examines the learners` language attitudes through survey data. An ambivalence of judgments was confirmed as the mother tongue was stigmatized. Yet, the regional identity and loyalty were asserted by all informants. Language learning has proved to be influential as an important issue about prestige came about when it was related to foreign language instruction, mainly English. Hence, Standard Arabic is judged favourably in certain contexts. The process of language standardization and language planning seem to have influenced the aspects that the informants would like to promote. Language use in different situations tends to be related to the purpose in goal associated to formality and informality.
Collection(s) :Doctorat en Anglais

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