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Titre: Professional Development as a Powerful Means to Enhance American Civilization Teaching: Case of Master II Students at the University of Mostaganem
Auteur(s): ZAGHAR El Alia, Wafaâ
Mots-clés: American civilization - American culture - English as a foreign language - Master II students - Professional development.
Date de publication: 27-mai-2018
Résumé: The present work is concerned with the teaching of American civilization within the EFL classroom in an LMD environment, taking as a reference the population of Master II students at the University of Mostaganem where the orientation of these courses seems to be hampered by some barriers which prevent their effective teaching. The resolution of this problematics will be carried out through a case study based on classroom observation procedures, questionnaires administered to teachers and learners, interviews conducted with teachers, as well as a careful examination of peer teaching appraisal forms. The obtained findings revealed vividly the importance of a specialised training for the instructors. This study suggests a variety of tentative solutions with a major focus on the teacher’s strong need for professional development
Collection(s) :Doctorat en Anglais

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