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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
2013Adjusted Adashi’s Model of Exciton Bohr Parameter and New Proposed Models for Optical Properties of III-V SemiconductorsKorti-Baghdadli, Nawal.; Merad, Abdelkrim.; Benouaz, Tayeb.
2-mai-2013Effect of phase transition temperature of BaTi0.9Sn0.1O3 onthe operating mode of Ferroelectric random access memories (FeRAM)Ourrad, M.; Merad, A.; Benouaz, T.
2013Modelling of the Nonlinear Systems by Optimal Derivative, ComputationalBenouaz, T.; Bekkouche, S. M. A.; Ghouali, N.
déc-2013Electronic structure, optical and dielectric constant of compounds Indium-based: InAlP2, and InGaP2 in its chalcopyrite, CuPt and CuAu-I structuresSeddiki, N.; Ouahrani, Tarik .; Lasri, B.; Benouaz, T.; Reshak, A.H.; Bouhafs, B.
jui-2013Studies and choice of local building materials for improving interior temperatures of a building located in Ghardaia regionCherier, M. K.; Bekkouche, S.M.A.; Benouaz, T.; Hamdani, M.; Benamrane, N.; Halloufi, O.
jui-2013Effect Of Orientation Of Buildings With Different Materials In Distribution Of Temperatures In Walls ThicknessHamdani, M.; Bekkouche, S.M.A.; Benouaz, T.; Cherier, M. K.; Benamrane, N.; Halloufi, O.
nov-2013Influence of the compactness index to increase the internal temperature of a building in Saharan climateBekkouche, S.M.A.; Benouaz, T.; Cherier, M.K.; Hamdani, M.; Yaiche, M.R.; Benamrane, N.
2013Are psoriasis patients prone to h. Pylori infection ?Shmuely, H; Domniz, N; Ben-Valid, E; Yahav, J; Hodak, E; David, M
2013Psoriasis associated with hepatitisDahmani, B; Boudghene Stambouli, O
2013Epidemiology of psoriasis in Egypt ain shams university experienceEl Sayed, M.H; Matta, M.F
2013retreatement in patients achie ving response after relapse due to trea tment interruption : results from the crystel studyGriffiths, G; Luger, T; Brault, Y; Germain, J_M; mallbris, L
2013Place of psoriasis in dermatology. Experience in the department of dermatology in Tlemcen (West-Algeria) 1981-2012Boudghene Stambouli, O.B
2013The prevalence and epidemiological characteristics of psoriasis morbidity in Lviv region, UkraineVoznyak, I; Svyatenko, T
2013The posriasis : the need for close collaboration between the patientt and the physician to optimize treatmentBoudghene stambouli, O.B
2013Psychodermatology evaluation of psychosocial factors in moderate- to- severe psoriasisE.Chiticariu,; C.solovan; M.Mirrona
2013Psoriasis and metabolic disease in the region of Tlemcen: case-control studyBoumediene, D.B; Boudghene stambouli, O
2013Characteristics of patients with psoriasis seen at the dermatology clinic of a tertiary hospital in Nigeria: a4 year review 2008-2012FALODUN, O.A
2013Sorption Efficiency of a New Sorbent towards Cadmium(II): Methylphosphonic Acid Grafted Polystyrene ResinFerrah, Nacer; Abderrahim, Omar; Didi, Mohamed Amine; Villemin, Didier
2013Antibacterial Activity of Daucus crinitus Essential Oils along the Vegetative Life of the PlantBendiabdellah, Amel; Dib, Mohammed El Amine; Meliani, Nawel; Muselli, Alain; Nassim, Djabou; Tabti, Boufeldja; Costa, Jean
2007Cِircular Antenna Array Synthesis Using Fuzzy Genetic AlgorithmBousahla, M.; Kadri, B.; Bendimerad, F.T.
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 21 à 40 de 604