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dc.contributor.authorBabou-Sekkal, Meryem-
dc.description.abstractThe present research paper aims at elucidating the relationship between language, culture, and emotions. It focuses on the unpleasantness of insult and name calling as a sociolinguistic behaviour and the paradox which concerns these unkind habits in a Muslim’s speech community - Tlemcenian people are taken as a case in point-. The research work is also based on a quantitative and qualitative analyses presented and interpreted under the form of graphs and numbers.en_US
dc.subjecthurting people and causing harmen_US
dc.subjectAlgerian dialecten_US
dc.subjectthe sociolinguistics of Tlemcenen_US
dc.titleA Sociolinguistic Analysis of Use and Perception of Insults: Tlemcen Speech Communityen_US
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