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Titre: Study and realization of a system for measuring hemoglobin: hemoglobinometer
Auteur(s): Beghdad, Amira
Mots-clés: hemoglobin, sahli’s method, drabkin solution, cbc analyzer, co- oximetry, RBC’s, photometry, Syringe, needle, sampling, reflectance
Date de publication: 26-jui-2023
Editeur: University of Tlemcen
Résumé: Hemoglobin (Hb or Hgb) is an essential element within the human body since it is a protein molecule in the red blood cells which attribute their color and transport oxygen from lungs to all the tissues and carbon dioxide from tissues to lungs. It is important to measure the rate of Hb since if it is low, the person may suffer from anemia, a pathological situation which may result from multiple causes and reveal many symptoms such as tiredness, paleness, dizziness etc: and have to be treated rapidly. The Health professionals will be able to diagnose anemia using the hemoglobinometer, a medical device which is able to measure precisely and rapidly the rate of Hemoglobin within blood. This device uses the spectrophotometry method to determine the concentration of Hemoglobin within a sample of blood. It is with this device as far as this project is concerned. In fact, we are concerned in this project with the study and the realization of a “hemoglobinometer” based on the spectrophotometry method. The proposed device is aimed to be inexpensive; easy to manipulate and reliable in measuring and displaying the rate of Hb.
Collection(s) :Master en Génie Biomedical

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