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dc.contributor.authorBENGUEDDA-KESRAOUI, Amina-
dc.description.abstractThe bilingual and multilingual speakers shift from one language to another during the same conversation. The main objective of this work is to examine the functions of CS in daily conversations between Algerian Arabic and French and attempts to analyse the social factors that may affect this linguistic behaviour in Tlemcen speech community. It also investigates the different socio-pragmatic functions of CS. The context, topic, and other social factors such as age, gender and level of education play an important role in language choice.en_US
dc.subjectBilingualism, Code switching, Social factors, Attitudes and Motivation.en_US
dc.titleSociolinguistic Dimensions of Code switching: the Role of Social Factors in its Occurrence in an Algerian Context, Tlemcen Speech Communityen_US
Collection(s) :Doctorat en Anglais

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