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Titre: Tachers’Attitudes towards Authentic and NonAuthentic Materials in Speaking Classrooms: Case of first year EFL Teachers at the University of Tlemcen
Auteur(s): MAHI, Amina
Mots-clés: Tachers’Attitudes- towards Authentic - NonAuthentic Materials-Speaking Classrooms
Date de publication: 2-nov-2017
Résumé: Over the past few decades, English has become the global language within the worldwide changes caused by the globalization process. Therefore, it has a major importance in all aspects of life; mainly education. Consequently, learners of English as foreign language or second language are always attempting to develop their communicative skills, in particular speaking which is a pivotal component of foreign language teaching and learning, since it enclose more chances for future jobs, advanced education and travel opportunities. By means of speaking ones can share feelings, attitudes, and thoughts. Several language methods and techniques have been introduced to enhance the quality of education to accomplish better achievements. In order to facilitate the process of language acquisition, EFL teachers use non-authentic materials for non-native students however, recent researches demonstrate that authentic materials provide more exposure to real language, since EFL learners do not have sufficient access to natural English in their daily lives. Additionally, it is argued that the integration of authentic materials develops learners’ skills in general, and speaking proficiency in particular. Yet, it is noticed that EFL students show unwillingness to use the target language in the classroom, which may be due to the lack of the exposure to the foreign language.
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